Paradise Oil. What is Babassu Oil?

Babassu oil reigns as incredibly precious product of plant origin that has numerous actions. It is used for producing a huge variety of cosmetics, especially when a coconut oil cannot be included into a product’s composition. Indeed, coconut oil and Babassu oil are pretty alike, yet there are a few differences that make both oils unique. What are the features of Babassu oil? How does it differ from popular coconut oil? Which adjectives can be used to describe Babassu oil?


Not accidently Babassu butter is also called Paradise Oil. This substance is extracted from wild Amazonian palm tree Babaçu. Babassu oil is pressed from the palm seeds, which are hidden in a more or less 10-centimetre thick nuts of 65% oil content.


Oil obtained from Brazilian palm tree is cold pressed. There is no further heat treatment nor chemical purification concluded. Moreover Babassu oil is certified by Ecocert which is a document allowing usage of the oil in a natural and eco-friendly cosmetics. The content of pure Babassu oil in natural cosmetics can reach even up to 95%.


Pure Babassu oil is one-hundred-safe product. It does not irritate skin, cause allergies nor leads to development of side effects. Instead, it can be applied to even super sensitive skin. What is interesting, Babassu oil is more and more willingly used replacement of SLS since it foams well and is not harmful for human organism.


This butter of Brazilian palm tree can be applied on hair, body, face, hands, feet and even fingernails. Moreover, Babassu oil is used as a base ingredient of many face creams, body balms, massage butters, conditioners, shampoos and without mentioning anti-age products.


Again, Babassu oil is a care product which action can be compared to coconut oil’s. This palm tree oil is absorbed fast, without leaving any sticky layer. Furthermore, it is characterized by softening, smoothing, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-ageing, anti-oxygenating, caring and nourishing features.


Babassu oil contains approximately 75% fats, including unsaturated fatty acids which are absolutely essential for appropriate functioning of an organism. Moreover, this Paradise Oil is rich in Vitamin of Youth (E), plant sterols and anti-oxidants.