Do it yourself! Universal Babassu oil balm

Although caring features of Babassu oil have been known in North America regions since ages, only recently European women have started using it. What are its features? Most of all, Babassu oil moisturizes skin, softens it deeply and nourishes. It is the ideal cosmetic for whole body care, including hair and fingernails. Below, there is a recipe for a universal nourishing balm made of three natural, Brazilian ingredients – Babassu oil, rose tree oil and yerba mate infusion.

A few words about Babassu oil.

Buttery Babassu oil is a cold pressed vegetable extract obtained from Baba├žu palm tree nuts (Attalea speciosa). The tree can be encountered in the regions of northeast Amazonia. Babassu oil is a diversity of fatty acids (i.e. linoleic, oleic), E vitamin as well as anti-free radicals substances. The oil is completely safe, does not cause any irritations, allergies nor triggers any side effects. Therefore, it can be applied directly to skin or used as an ingredient of homemade care cosmetics.

Body balm with Babassu oil, enriched with features of yerba mate and rose tree oil, is perceived by many as a perfect homemade cosmetic. It has wood-and-tea fragrance, gets absorbed fast and provides almost immediate outcomes. The balm can be applied to whole body including feet, hands and face skin, used for massage and even for hair embalming procedure.


– 1 spoon of Babassu oil,
– 1 spoon of yerba mate infusion,
– 5-7 drops of rose tree oil.


All the ingredients are supposed to have room temperature. Naturally, one can use bigger dosages of the ingredients by adjusting them to one’s needs, however, it is important to keep the proportions unchanged. The three substances has to be mixed in a bowl until even mass obtained. There is no need in waiting till the balm gets solid because it is ready to use at hand. Features of Babassu oil make the balm penetrate into skin almost the moment applied to skin. Additionally, there are no limitations connected with using the cosmetic.