Babassu or castor oil, which one’s better for hair oil treatment?

Can castor oil be replaced? Exotic babassu oil from the other world corner seems more interesting but is it more effective? Babassu has an amazing conditioning effect on heavy, thick, limp hair. Too bad it doesn’t make a good choice for all of us. If hair’s thinning, doesn’t grow, is delicate and weak, beware of thick oils and butters because they are designed for low porosity hair in most cases. Make castor oil the base of your hair care. Not only does it work on all hair types but also stimulates and strengthens hair follicles, keeps tresses from falling out and activates growth of new strong hair.

Why is castor oil an essential in your bathroom?

Castor oil is extraordinary, one and only to have this effect and list of ingredients. In no other oil will you find ricinoleic acid which strengthens follicles and improves hair structure. Castor oil is built similarly to human keratin, which makes it the most effective beauty oil for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s second to none in nourishing, strengthening, repairing and stimulating their growth.

Its uniqueness is also connected with working for each and every hair type. Castor oil treats dry, damaged, dull-looking hair as well as thick, limp, greasy tresses. Properly applied and rinsed afterwards, the oil gives volume and healthy shine. In the long run, you spot significant improvement in hair’s ‘quality’, condition and appearance. It’s one and only oil so effective in stimulating faster growth.

Nanoil Castor Oil: quality that’s worth noting

Quality matters while shopping for cosmetics and it matters enormously when you search for beauty oils. Why so? It tells you how many valuable substances are left after the extraction process. That’s why Nanoil Castor Oil is called premium product, or the best hair oil having flawless quality. Nanoil is 100% pure, organic, natural without additives, parabens, silicones, carefully cold pressed and not refined. It is 100% of what’s best and most precious in seeds of beautiful castor bean. Full potential of the plant.

Nanoil Castor Oil: action, effects

Babassu has a great hair conditioning, protecting and beautifying effect but castor oil is one step ahead. What is Nanoil castor bean oil capable of?

  • strengthens hair from the roots
  • boosts hair growth
  • makes hair stop falling in excess
  • purifies scalp
  • adds volume, vitality and shine
  • cares for all hair types
  • blocks scalp oiliness
  • has antibacterial and antiseptic effect

Nanoil Castor Oil in reviews

Castor oil by Nanoil has quickly gained popularity and best opinions as the most valuable and effective castor oil. Bloggers and cosmetologists recommend it not just for treating hair and eyebrows but also for acting as a face cleanser, massage oil to reduce stretch marks, moisturizer for dry hands and feet. Castor oil is a brilliant component of home products.

best castor oil

Oils that often compete in girls’ reviews. Castor vs babassu: which one works better?

If you seek intense repair and strengthening, choose castor oil. If your hair is damaged, dry, thin and has other porosity than low, give up on babassu butter and go for universal castor oil treatment. Use it for nail and skin care too; it’s a multi-purpose beauty product.

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